The St. Anne’s Parish Hope in the Future Group has met again, and we have picked up from responses to our plea for more people to play a part, that there are many of you out there who would like to be involved but for lots of reasons are not putting yourselves forward. The main excuses for reticence seem to be lack of time and confidence and a little cynicism as to the whole purpose of the process.

Bishop John has a vision for all the parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Salford: he wants us all to become livelier, more vibrant and more attractive to others. We should not look back to how things used to be but forward to how God wants His Church to be now and in the future.

YOU can take part and help in this mission in one small but very particular way. Each week Father Glover produces a Sunday newsletter ‘The Sunday Message’ with information, times of events, calls to prayer and much else. Quite often it contains inserts, prayer cards, leaflets from charities such as SPUC, religious orders, letters from Bishop John and many other things. PLEASE from this Sunday start to take these home with you each week: read them, say the prayers, act on the requests as you feel is appropriate for you. In this way you will become better informed about what is going on in your parish and may hear God’s voice through some of this literature.

If you are reading this magazine please consider passing it on to a friend or neighbour and include one of the Sunday Message sheets. It may just help to light the fire of faith in someone else’ life.

hopeinfutureOur small group (as yet unnamed) has again met to talk about how we can help our parish here at St.Anne’s become the lively centre of holiness, spirituality , faith and caring that God calls us to be.

We thought perhaps you would like to know who we are and a bit about our Church involvement

1) Our intrepid leader – Anne Cockroft (flowers , piety stall & fundraising)

2) Youth representative –Febin Soni (servers & fundraising)

3) Youth representative –Femil Soni (eucharistic minister, piety stall, fundraising & look after the exterior of Church and presbytery)

4) Fount of knowledge of St.Anne’s –Janina Miskell (catechist, piety stall

5) Hospitality –Mary Carney (After Mass coffee & fund raising)

6) Kathy Bentley (adult catechist, Eucharistic minister, piety stall, fund raising and leader of non -eucharistic devotions)

7) Penny Glover (catechist & those jobs nobody else volunteers for and she can’t avoid!)

If there is anybody out there who feels they would like to join us please let one of us know – we are open to new members or just suggestions and ideas to put Hope in the Future into practice! Meanwhile could everybody please join us in praying especially between Ascension Day and Pentecost for the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with courage and inspire us to renew our catholic Faith at St.Anne’s.