Parish Office:  0161 740 2448  

Parish Priest: Fr. Glover

Sunday 10th November 2019



Day Service Time  
Sunday Polish Mass 9.00am 32nd Sunday in ordinary time
  Mass 10.30am  
  Devotions to Blsd. Cyprian Tansi 3.00pm  
  Mass 6.00pm  
Monday Mass 9.00am St. Martin of Tours
Tuesday Mass 9.15am St. Josaphat
Wednesday Mass 9.00am  
Thursday Mass 9.00am  
Friday Mass 9.00am  
Saturday Confessions 11.00am  
  Mass & Baptism Noon  
  Notre Dame Mass 12.30pm  


The retiring collection is for the Retired Clergy

Extra pound £ Retiring £(Roofing Fund)

Weddings at least six months notice required


Masses Michael Flynn, Hopkins Family Intentions, Margaret Murphy birthday memories, Harold Fox Anniversary, A sick person, Deceased members of the Nickson, Hartley, Hinds, McCarthy & Ridgewell Families, Deceased members of St. Anne’s Parish, Timoteo John Fernandes Anniversary, Andrew Sawdyke Sick, Derek Sawdyke Sick,


NEW CHURCH ROOF You may remember me telling you over twelve months ago that I had been notified that Church will require a new roof soon. We still have a parish debt which we are working to repay. It is important that we also begin to raise funds towards the cost of the new roof as it will help our cause if we seek a loan from the diocese to show that we have raised a certain amount. If you can think of ways you can hold an event with your family, friends and neighbours please do so. You will also see a collection tower in the narthex in which I hope visitors and those attending funerals etc will feel able to put a donation. I understand that as of today we are speaking of about £100,000-00 but of course this may increase depending upon when it will need to begin. Please bear in mind that we still have a parish debt of around £56,000-00.


On 17th November an appeal will be made by one of the St. Patrick’s Missionaries.


Holy Souls envelopes are in the narthex. Please place the names of those you wish to be remembered at every Mass during November in the envelope with your donation and then return the envelope to Church.


Piety Stall. Now selling Advent Books, Calendars and Candles. Christmas cards, Calendars & Gifts.


Yoga Classes with George Saturday from 10.30am until 11.30am. In the parish hall.  It will be a prompt start. Cost £4-00 per person.


Christmas Fayre Saturday 23rd November from 2.00pm. Please begin to bring items for the stalls: – Tombola, Groceries, Toiletries, Toys, Jewellery, Bric a brac, Bottle Stall, please think about baking for the cake stall but cakes will not be needed until a few days before.


Christmas Draw. The list of prizes is on the narthex notice board. Please sign up if you are willing to donate one of them. This year we will not be using the printed books but using cloak room tickets as we did for the mini raffle at £1-00 per strip.


Winner takes half and Raffle tickets now available in the narthex. Please support these.

Are you a taxpayer? Do you covenant your giving to Church? If you do pay tax but don’t yet covenant, this is a scheme where the government gives to Church the tax you have already paid. It doesn’t cost you anymore than you already give. Have a word with Steve Bentley who has the one off form that you will need to sign.


Planning Meeting for the Christmas Fayre in the hall following the 10.30am Mass of !0th November.


We pray this week for the parish of Corpus Christi Bromley Cross. Fr. David Chinnery. Fr. Alfred Rebello. The primary schools.


Advent Breakfast in the parish hall after the 10.30am Mass on Sunday 1st December.

Divine Mercy Devotions on the third Sunday of the month at 3.00pm

The lists for Candles at the shrines for 2019 are on the notice board in the Narthex. The candles cost £5 each and burn for a week. If you wish to nominate any for a loved one or specific intention, please place your donation in an envelope and give it to Fr. Glover with a note of which shrine you would like the candle lit at and the intention for which it is to be lit.

The Rosary is recited in Our Lady’s chapel following the 9.00am Mass on Wednesday.

St. Anne’s Book of Remembrance. At the Noon Mass on the first Saturday of each month I shall place “The Book of Remembrance” on the altar and the Mass will be offered for the souls of all those whose names are contained in the book. If you wish the name/s of members of your family recording in the book, please complete one of the slips that are available in the Narthex and return it to Fr. Glover with your donation. This will mean that your loved ones will be remembered at Mass each month, in addition to the masses you would normally ask to be offered on their anniversary or in memory of their birthday.

Entered in the book of remembrance under number: 347. Gerard Meade 348. Monica Carlin 349 Maddalena Kuzmycz. 350.Mary Maureen Smith. 351. Gerry Gavin

Going into hospital? Don’t forget to inform Fr. Glover on 740 2448 who will advise the Catholic Chaplain or call the chaplain Fr. Matus on 834 4104.

Places in our school. It is essential that any catholic parent who wishes their child to have a place at our school registers them as soon as possible. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR CHILD IS READY TO GO TO SCHOOL as you may find a place isn’t available. If you haven’t registered your child even if a place is available your child’s name and offer of a place will not have been passed to the local education authority by the school and subsequently a place at a non-Catholic school may be given.

Prayer Group Monday 7.30pm until 8.30pm.

The Candle at the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour burns as a silent prayer for the parish.

The Candle at the Sacred Heart burns as a silent prayer for the deceased members of the Lloyd family.

The Candle at Our Lady of Lourdes burns as a silent prayer for the deceased members of Mary Gallagher

Is God calling you to be one of His Priests? If you think He may be, have a word with Fr. Glover.

Copper Jar. There is a jar in the Narthex the contents of which are for church funds. We are collecting 1p, 2p and 5p pieces should you have any spare to place in it.


Retiring Collections during November are:

17th St. Patrick’s Missions

24th SAV/LOC


Of your Charity please pray for: –

The sick Fr. Michael Hoare, Canon Kevin Kenny, Fr, John Laide, Fr. Martin Magee, Fr. Vincent Cavey, Josie Nickson, Andrew Sawdyke, Pat Meredith, Norah Walsh, William Lyons, Joan Clyne, Derek Sawdyke

The Dead. Fr. Fr. Joseph Chang, Fr. George Hamer